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Postby sonyaany » Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:33 am

Billy Brownless says rumours about his daughter are untrue

Caroline Wilson on Garry Lyon: an intensely private and yet public scandal

A tearful Billy Brownless has said rumours that Garry Lyon had an affair with his 20 year old daughter were hurtful and untrue.

The television host and former Geelong footballer appeared alongside host James Brayshaw and Sam Newman at the start of Channel Nine's The Footy Show on Thursday night to discuss Lyon's affair with Brownless' ex wife Nicky.

Billy Brownless on The Footy Show on Thursday evening. Photo: Channel Nine

Brownless said it had been a difficult few months for him and his family.

After discovering news of the affair he was initially angry, then embarrassed. "A good mate wouldn't do that," he said.

Garry Lyon and Billy Brownless in happier times.

"There's a bit of lying gone on there, a bit of behind the back stuff and that's what hurts you the most."

But he added that when the time was right, he may be able to sit down with Lyon to sort out their differences.

Brownless was on the verge of tears when Ray Ban Sale speaking about the impact of the affair and subsequent publicity on his children and in particular his daughter Lucy, who has Ray Ban Sale $19.99 been the victim of unfounded online rumours.

"That's the one that hurts the most," he said.

He said it was an awkward situation because he and Lyon worked together and had several Ray Ban Sale $19.99 mutual friends.

Although he and Nicky were separated at the time of her relationship with Lyon, Brownless insisted it was still wrong of them.

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