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nike air max 90 trainers jd

Postby sonyaany » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:54 am

Nuke negotiators aim to start crafting Iran deal in May

Talks will resume next week on the future of Iran nuclear program with the goal of beginning to draft a comprehensive agreement in May, a senior Obama administration official said on Friday. Security Council took effect.

That deal eased some economic sanctions in return for Iran rolling back parts of its nuclear program, which the United States and others believe is designed to produce a weapon. Iran says its nuclear intentions are peaceful.

While officials in Washington are optimistic that negotiations are progressing on track, a number of significant potential roadblocks need to be worked through if a long term agreement is to be reached.

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July 20, 2014 at 10:10 pm Reply

My name is Emil Kaiypov. I am a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, a lawyer, and a father of two children. The proposal for which I am asking your kind support is the suspension of all currently existing hostilities on Earth.

The main goal of my entire project is to save and improve the lives of children who are suffering from the present conflicts and violence.

The challenge is to create a moment of [a technical term from video language] in hostilities now and in the future, as well as to refusal to restart them at all. I believe that in this context, such in the war action seems do able and practical, much more effective than the idealistic and utopian pressing of an imaginary button. In the future the first action will equate to the second: will become In order to alert the international community and potential supporters, I made a demonstration of my own at 18 October 2013 on the territory of Syrian embassy in Beirut, with poster the war purpose of this demonstration, is to show through an example that:

1) one person has the power to perform an action directed to the benefit of all mankind.

2) no one should be indifferent, when war is concerned.

3) war requires us to drop everything else, in order to stop it. Daily activities, against the background of war, look meaningless and empty.

I believe, that this idea will resonate and supporters will wish to join it. The age of information technologies, will help to spread it around the globe. Definitely there will be supporters among the world famous celebrities. In the event that a large number of ordinary people and celebrities join this campaign, the dream to stop all military actions on the planet will be realized. This will serve as an occasion to announce the call for volunteers in the army of peace It will consist of unarmed who are ready at any time, to go to the hot spot to the hostilities with the fact of their presence and to encourage the warring parties to engage in dialogue. Ideally, this army should consist of a world famous and beloved celebrities from all spheres of human activities.

I suggest that countries be ready to support my initiative, in solidarity, by placing on the cloth of their national flags, the well known pause symbol I believe that in the course of implementation of this anti war action, the reasons for which the suspended armed conflict began, will be resolved or continued in a civilized manner. This anti war action will bring about a new peaceful reality, when there will be no state left, which army of peace had not visited.

The termination of all hostilities, will become the point of departure for further continuous progress in all directions.

We are able to bring about the time, when the world will be fairly managed by a workable international organization which will be trusted by all citizens of the earth. When this happens, all kinds of weapons will be transferred to international United Nations control, the purpose of which, will be the preservation of peace and sustainable development of mankind.

We live in a world, when the collective effort makes possible the colonizing of other planets in the foreseeable future. I believe, that we have enough strength and resources for the child born tomorrow to see a world, where uniform international standards of education, labor, pension and medical care, will be established everywhere. A world, where the primary human needs will be satisfied for free.

A world, where nobody talks about freedom, because absolute freedom will accompany each person from the moment of birth, to his last breath. A world, where the happiness and freedom of the individual, will not happen in isolation but will include freedom and happiness of all of humanity. A world without war.

A world without war is undisputed goal, that sooner or later humanity will definitely reach. It is the primary duty of every adult to fulfill a in peace everyone's childhood dream. Every child surrounded by the horrors of war dreams that one day somebody will come and say is enough! and by saying it bring war to an end. Then war will stop. America has invaded sixty countries since world war 2.

In 1953 America overthrow Iran democratic government Mohammad Mosaddegh and installed a brutal dictator Shah. America helped Shah of Iran to establish secret police and killed Nike Air Max 90 thousands of Iranian people.

During Iran Iraq war evil America supported Cheap Nike Air Max 2016 Suddam Hossain and killed millions of Iranian people. In 1989, America, is the only country ever, shot down Iran civilian air plane, killing 290 people.
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