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nike air max discount 2016

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Negative Effects of Globalization on Culture with Pictures

ConsumerismLarge multinational companies promote their products globally, and there are few countries where the logos for Coca Cola and Nike haven't appeared. The negative effect of global marketing is that local companies are edged out of the market and the multinational companies impose American or European consumer trends on other cultures. Similarly, the fast food industry promotes values of production efficiency. As a result, traditional cuisine appears less cost effective and profitable than fast food, causing traditional food outlets to lose business.

LanguageLanguage is a key expression of cultural diversity. Critics of globalization claim it marginalizes some languages and may even cause some languages to die out. Others say this is a myth. Because the world dominant economies speak English, it Nike Air Max Womens Shoes is often seen as the main culprit in making other languages less important. Certainly, English is widely used as a second Cheap Nike Air Max Womens or third language, and this helps the globalization of Nike Air Max Womens Shoes business trade; however, if business communities see more benefits in speaking Spanish or Chinese, they learn those instead.

PovertySome United Nations members, including the Vatican City, claim that globalization increases poverty amongst young people, the old, women, indigenous peoples and migrants, which has a cultural impact. A representative from Cuba said one result of globalization was that 20 percent of the world population consumed 80 percent of global production, leaving 80 percent of the population in increased poverty. One Nike Air Max Womens way to reduce poverty in these groups is for wealthy nations to accept more imports from developing countries.
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