ladies ugg boots

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ladies ugg boots

Postby sonyaany » Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:23 am

A Guide to Almost Everything on the Market from Someone Who Has Worn Them All

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First of all, just to familiarise anyone who isn schooled on boots:

Upper: The Material the top of the boot is made of; typically leather, synthetic leather, synthetic microfibre or mesh.

Soleplate: The traction plate on the bottom of the boot, Soft Ground (SG) UGGS Outlet Studs, or Firm Ground (FG) blades or conical studs, with Artificial and Turf options available.

Toebox: The front of the boot, where your toes go.

Vamp: The bit on top of the toebox

Midfoot: In between the toe and heel, includes the arch of the foot

If I had to guess, based on that point of splitting, your feet are pretty wide on that transitional point between the UGG Boots Outlet lateral forefoot and midfoot.
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